Understanding Crop Health with On-Demand Aerial Data and Analysis

Spring is upon us, and many growers and agronomists are considering the use of drones to map fields, assess plant health, and identify pests and disease this season. Our panelists will share their experiences and success with drone mapping in precision agriculture. From flying fields to analyzing crop stress, webinar attendees will learn drone mapping best practices for the upcoming season. If you're just getting started with drones this season or if you're already a seasoned ag flyer, this webinar will have something for you. Join us as we discuss:

  • Using drone maps to spot crop variance, understand plant health, and determine variable rate prescriptions
  • Fieldscanner: DroneDeploy's new real-time mapping tool for in-field analysis
  • Tips and tricks for making good drone maps
  • Best practices for using drones throughout the growing season

This webinar will be taking place Wednesday April 26th at 1:30 pm ET/ 10:30 am PT.

Webinar will run 60 minutes in length.